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Banana Fibre - Material

This Ikksha book will make you go bananas. No really, it will. Here's why!
Bananas are the most popular fruit in the world. Seriously. Over a 100 billion bananas are eaten around the world yearly, and around 51% of this is eaten at breakfast. But did you know that after harvesting the fruit, farmers have to cut the “banana tree” to allow a new fruit to grow? The farmers cut the stem and throw it away.
Now imagine instead of throwing those, you could so something with the stems. The book in your hands is made of "Banana Fibre" - from paper to cover. Banana Paper and fibre is made from disposed banana stems. It is not just biodegradable, but also incredibly durable. At Ikksha, we believe that giving back to the environment doesn't have to be complicated, it could even come from your kitchen garden. 
Each Ikksha book is made from banana fibre - from cover to paper.  Banana fibre is handwoven by weavers in South India and then dyed using natural colors. Banana papers are handmade using banana fibres.
We at Ikksha, want to a make the process of making a notebook as eco-friendly as possible. Our bookmarks are made using coconut shells buttons. Each of our books are housed in recycled cardboard boxes printed with Soy ink, making the entire book 70% bio-degradable.
To make your journaling experience memorable, each book comes with seed pencils and seed hang tags. Plants your ideas and see them bloom like the seed in your pencil.