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Origin:  Sanskrit

Our Rang Kamal collection is one of our finest collection. 

You can choose from the printed folio or the non-printed folio to go with the journal.


  • Banana Paper
  • Coconut Button 
  • Banana Fibre Twine
  • Elastic Pen Holder 

Square Pocket : Outside full pocket


Each journal comes with a seed pencil with Tomato seed.

These are Innvoative eco friendly Pencils made from recycled paper . Can be sharpened like normal pencil. It has different types of germinating seeds enclosed inside capsule at the back of the pencil. After using the pencil just plant it and see it grow into a tomato plant.

Stationery Material

This Ikksha book will make you go bananas. No really, it will.

Each Ikksha stationery is made of banana fibre. Banana fibre is a strong natural renewable plant fibre extracted from a banana plants' pseudo stem which is then processed and woven into sheets of paper. Read more about the material here.

Paper clips Material

Each Paper clip is made from colored aluminium wires. They are handmade

Packaging Material

Each Ikksha stationery is packaged in a hand stitched cotton envelope. This can be recycled and resused elsewhere as per your desire.

You can now get your Ikksha journal personalized with your name, a quote, a message to your loved one or anything that will make the journal feel yours. 

Please leave a note with your order at the checkout with what you would like to have written and where.